New Music Alert: RÁJ

raj Hailing from Southern California, RÁJ is one of 2013's best kept secrets.

RÁJ has a sound unlike any other, making him a great contestant to play a big role as a pioneer of this decades' evolution of music. Although he only has 2 officially released tracks, his future is promising with his already apparent fan base. His latest, Let Me Love You, starts and ends on two sides of the spectrum. It begins eerily but inviting and evolves into a mixture of drum and guitar that develop throughout the song, only to leave you with the deep-seated feeling of hollowness in your chest as a single drum beats on, leaving you in a daze (only to figure "YES, I WILL LET YOU LOVE ME!).

Between his ataractic voice and poignant lyrics, RÁJ is one to watch in 2014.

To hear more from RÁJ, listen here: