The 1975 - Washington, DC - October 11th, 2013

It all started back in February 2013. I just so happened to be on that good ol’ 8tracks website looking for music to listen to while I studied my ass off for my upcoming SAT’s, who knew this is where it'd bring me. The unfamiliar sound of that 80’s guitar riff caught me off guard, luring me into the trap of the new, hot, young, British band The 1975. And this is how it starts..

Over the next few months, I listened to them more and more and grew an EXTREMELY HEALTHY obsession with this band. I went down to Norfolk, Virginia to see them open for one of my other favorite bands, The Neighbourhood, on June 19th, 2013. Both bands put on an amazing performance, showing promising growth as artists. After the concert I met Matthew Healy, front man of The 1975. During conversation, he managed to slip in that they will indeed be back in the states during the fall months, keeping me on my toes with my ears wide for the DC date he promised.

Fast forward to October 10th. Only one day until the concert and one of my friends tipped me off about The 1975 having a private radio event at my local radio stations studio. Immediately, I contacted the host. This is where the real fun starts. I got put on the list to meet them at the studio the next day. A member of our staff, Jennifer, picked me up from my home the next day and we headed out to Maryland where the studio performance is held. We met up with another member of our staff, Julie, who was already there and had seen Matty head up to the where we were seeing them. About an hour later, they let us into the private performance room. It’s almost like the air changes when Healy and guitarist Adam Hann enter the room. They begin by greeting the crowd and playing their single Chocolate. Proceeding this acoustic performance, they play Sex. After this, Healy admitted they “usually have another song to play, but I can’t because I don’t have my piano.” My first reaction is to suggest a song, so I scream “sing Woman!” Unbeknownst to me, Healy heard me. He then continued on and.. well.. I guess you can see what happened here

After this, we get to have a meet a greet. Unlike most of the girls there, me and my friends were actual fans of the band, so when we said hello to ALL band members by their name when they joined the stage after the last performance, I’d like to think we stood out. When our turn rolled around for the meet and greet, I walked on stage greeting the other two members that joined the stage Ross McDonald, bassist, George Daniel, drummer, along with Adam and Matty,  with a hug and hello. I asked Matty if he liked my shirt (I was wearing a grey tank top I bought from their merchandise table on June 19th,) and Matty looked at me and said “Norfolk!” in remembrance. We then took our picture and said we’d see them later that night.


That evening, we entered the concert with high spirits. It was a long day but we finally made it! Linus Young opened the show with amazing vocals and energy, getting the crowd pumped.

Go Down… Soft sound…

The band enters playing their self-titled song from their self-titled album. The crowd raves. Emotions are high.

Keep your voice low, stop looking at my friends. Go out, they get exactly what you say…

This is my favorite song that the band performs, even after 5 concerts. The venue completely transforms into what I would imagine (some festival here) to be. The crowds energy bursts. My skin is buzzing at the hard rock vibe of this song live, contrasting reatly to the version on the Music For Cars EP. The heavy drums and base balance against Healy’s voice.

They’ve all got backcombs anyway, you’ve all got boyfriends anyway…

The show ends on with a positive hum all around the room. The crowd cheers their head off, and heads into the lobby to meet the band.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the line of teenage girls waiting to meet them as I had to head home, preparing myself for their Philly show the next day; but that’s a whole other experience in it’s own..

TTYL, Chicas


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