Interview - The Orwells - Washington, DC

This past weekend, The Orwells had their first headlining show in DC! Luckily, we got the chance to snag an interview with Matt, Grant, and Mario before the show started. DSC_0003

Angelie:  “How did this all start/ how did you form as a band?”

Matt: “We were just the only ones that played the instruments that we did in our school so we started the band.”

Angelie: At what point did you guys realize the music industry was interested in your music?

Matt:  “Probably when the guys at AutoTone contacted us about our music after our we put out our album.”

Angelie: Tell us about your album, “Remember When” and the inspiration behind writing it.

Mario: “We were bored.”

Angelie: Let’s talk about your stage presence: crazy stuff. Where do you get the energy and how do crowds normally react to it.

Mario: “Vodka.”

Angelie: What is your favorite thing to see in the audience while you're on stage?

Mario: “Tits.”

Angelie: What has been the most bizarre thing thrown to you on stage?

Mario: “Uh, flowers.”

Angelie: What has been your biggest “Holy Shit” moment during your career?

Grant: “I feel like Mario was like, really early on with thinking we were big. At some point, like we just wanted to, but Mario truly believed early on so he like, dropped out of school.”

Mario: “That’s not the question! The question was your “Holy Shit” moment.”

Grant: “No it’s not.”

Mario: “Yeah it is.”

Angelie: “Yeah it is.”

Mario: “Yo, go have a cigarette with your high ass right now. Um, probably – I mean there’s a bunch of them- but probably one time - fucking the kid from the sixth sense came to one of our shows and that was kinda weird.”

Angelie: “Haha, alright. How do you deal with negative responses to your band?”

Mario: “Well, I just don’t pay attention.”

Angelie: Now I know that you guys have said in recent interviews that if you were to collaborate with anyone, it'd be Kanye, so my question to that is…why Kanye? And if you were to create a song with him, what would it be titled?

Mario: “Uh, cause Kanye’s the shit.”

Angelie: “Is it a Chicago thing? Both of you being natives?”

Mario: “Nah, not really. Since we’re mixing each other’s sound it uh, it’ll probably be called ‘Mulatto Skinhead’ or something.”

Angelie: Who do you listen to in your spare time? If you were to turn your iPhone on and press play, what song would come on?

Mario: “Funny by The Black Lips.”

Angelie: If you could record and play another music genre, what would it be?

Mario: “Uh, Mowtown.”

Angelie: “Who do you listen to in your spare time?”

Grant: “Chief Keef!”

Mario: “Uh, I don’t know there’s so many.”

Angelie: Best advice given to you from someone in the industry?

Mario: “Not industry people, but probably The Black Lips saying “don’t have a fallback plan.”

Angelie:  “If you can say one thing to the people that doubted you, what would you say?

Mario:  “Have fun at work tomorrow.”

A review, including opening band Twin Peaks, is soon to come!