Matt Corby - Washington, DC - January 31, 2016

On his first U.S. tour ever, Matt Corby stopped at Black Cat on January 29 to play a few songs for a long-awaited audience. Matt is gearing up to release his debut album, "Telluric," out March 11 on Elektra Records. overcoats1

Overcoats opened the show. The New York duo already seemed to have a DC following; as soon as they introduced themselves, a cluster toward the front erupted into cheers, receiving shy smiles in return from the girls on stage. I did not hear of Overcoats before they opened for Matt Corby, but I cannot think of anyone better that could've filled that spot. The self-proclaimed folk-electro-soul singers do a great job of nailing the description of their music. Folk strings, soul vocals, and synths are the perfect combination for a refreshing rainy day. They performed songs from their self-titled EP. Stream "Overcoats EP" below.


Matt Corby flies pretty low under the radar. He usually lets his music speak for himself, more than himself. Matt was cool and collected in front of the instantly sold out crowd. Before he began his set, he let it be known: "the only thing I'm asking for is patience." Of course, the audience agreed, as a few moments between his set did not compare to the few years some have waited to see him live. He opened with "Monday," a track from his upcoming debut album. He threw it back to some songs from "Resolution EP," including personal favorite "Runaway." The version he performed was a lot slower than the original, giving a different perspective on the track. After a mix of unheard tracks from "Telluric," and fan favorites from previous releases, Corby performed his hit "Brother." The entire crowd melted into the lyrics alongside Matt, who led the budding choir. Corby closed the show with a timely cover of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come." Every single person in the room was caught off guard by the mesmerizing performance. Barely noticing his exiting band, you could hear a pin drop by the chorus. Matt Corby left the audience literally screaming for an encore that never came, unfortunately. No worries, though, I'm sure we'll see Matt on tour again soon after his next release. Look out for "Telluric," out on March 11.