Preview: FIDLAR at 9:30 Club

Photo courtesy of Fidlar Music.

Photo courtesy of Fidlar Music.

FIDLAR is a skate-punk rock band with a sound as unique as their name, which stands for “Fuck It Dog, Life's a Risk." Although their music strikes its own dynamic chord, they have a large and dedicated fan base who loves to rock out just as much as they do. FIDLAR returns to D.C. on Sept. 18 for what will surely be a wild night at 9:30 Club.

As GQ describes them, "FILDAR is the Party Band That Had to Give Up the Drugs." In an interview with the publication, singer Zac Carper, said "there are two ways to kill a band: success and heroin." Their music is a tribute to teenage angst, anarchy, dealing with life in different ways and obviously, skating.

FIDLAR's sound features huge bursts of energy and musicality from singers, Zac Carper and Elvis Kuen paired with crazy guitar riffs, bombastic drums and bass lines that get your feet moving and your head banging. 

Photo courtesy of FIDLAR

While FIDLAR tugs at those teenage angst heart strings, they also sing about the struggle of growing up that many of us know all too well. Their album “Too, is about going through the hardest part of adolescence; having to grow up and letting it go. After getting clean, the band took a new approach to music. Rather than just saying "Fuck It Dog" as their name describes, they decided to take their music more seriously. 

Rock out with us at 9:30 Club next week —you can grab your tickets here.

Erin Doran