Preview: Amos Lee at Lincoln Theatre

Photo courtesy of WMKY.

Photo courtesy of WMKY.

Amos Lee

Amos Lee is an artist that needs little introduction, but perhaps his new album, “My New Moon” does. Released on August 31 of this year, the album continues what Lee is best known for: defying genres. Lee calls the album his most personal to date, which is a big statement when you think of songs like “Careless” and “With You.” 

He describes the new album as “an altar of sorts to those who have shared their sorrows with me.” These are songs of the human experience: loss and grief, hope and healing, love and sorrow and of course rejuvenation. They are also topical, as many are inspired by current events. These are songs that are at once about Us, and about ourselves. The tune “No More Darkness, No More Light” was re-written in the aftermath of the Parkland Florida school shooting and speaks of the hope for change we all must find within tragedy. “Crooked” is a protest song that leaves no one out, even the singer himself is implicated. And of course the album has a love song the likes of which only Amos Lee can sing in “I Get Weak.” Perhaps the most touching song is “Little Light” written about the girl Lee befriended during her fight against kidney cancer. This album is a collection of songs that are powerful and soulful that the journeyman artist delivers with gritty honesty and wholesale integrity.

The tour in support of “My New Moon” started this summer, but don’t bother looking up the set-list in search of your favorite tunes. Lee switches things up on the nightly, offering each crowd a unique show. Sure, there will be old favorites, but there’s also the possibility for deep cuts, covers (Queen? DC’s own Marvin Gaye? Bill Withers?), and of course a fair mix of new tunes that are sure to become your favorites in due time. Lee brings his signature banter and awkward humor to the space between songs so don’t fret about a broken hearted song bringing you down, he’ll keep you chuckling too. You can expect the Lincoln Theater to feel like a gathering of old friend before long. It’ll be a special night, so get your tickets here

Photo courtesy of Sounds Like Nashville.

Photo courtesy of Sounds Like Nashville.

Caitlyn Smith

Opening for Amos Lee is a woman who soon will need little introduction. Billboard named Caitlyn Smith a SXSW 2017 Music Discovery “top female vocalist.” Rolling Stone calls her voice “ soaring and expressive” and Elle Magazine describes Smiths tunes as “powerful, affecting songs.”

Smith started singing at a young age, forming her first band when she was twelve in her native Minnesota. But, it was her years in Nashville that pushed her talent into artistry. Working as an in-house songwriter she honed her sense for the craft. Among the many musicians who have recorded Smith’s songs are well known artists like Meghan Trainor (they co-wrote “Like I’m Gonna Loose You” before Trainor ever had a recording contract!), Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, James Bay and John Legend.

Eventually, Smith returned to the stage with a desire to sing her own songs – to sing them the way only she could. Turning inward, she wrote songs for herself. Each song is a snapshot she brings to life with a voice that is at once rock ‘n roll and folk, expressive and pretty. You won’t want to arrive late to this show. These songs are personal, but easily identifiable – her journey could be your own in one way or another. You’ll be humming along well into the weekend.

Don’t wait to get your tickets. Bring your partner, bring your friend, bring your friend’s friend. This is the kind of show you share. The show is Tuesday, September 18th. Doors are at 6:30 p.m., so you’ll have just enough time to hit up Ben’s Chili Bowl before the show.