Whirr and Nothing– Split 12”| Album Review


I love it when two bands come together to come up with something good. Shoegaze rockers Whirr and Nothing have done just that. They’ve released a Split 12” for Boston record label, Run For Cover Records and it shows that both of these bands can split an EP together and make it sound it good. Both Whirr and Nothing put two songs on the tracklist and all four tracks are fantastic.The EP opens with the fuzz driven guitars and dreamy vocals of Whirr’s first track, “Ease”. The melodic guitars “Lean” will make your head spin. Nothing’s first track “Chloroform” sound is reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins and the following and closing track “July the Fourth” is a heavy wave that hits you in the face as soon as the riff drops. Whirr’s and Nothing’s new EP shows their talent and they sound great together, so give it a listen and dance around to it.




ReviewsCameron Speller