New Music Alert: Vance Joy - Mess is Mine


Yet another Aussie talking over the airwaves, Vance Joy. The 27 year old singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Australia definitely has the staying power that all artists strive to achieve. Vance is signed to a five album record deal with Atlantic Records. By now, most of the music universe is far too familiar with Joy’s, hit “Riptide”, it’s one of those songs at least for myself, that I can listen to the umpteen times it’s played on the radio and not want to rip my ears off. With this new song Mr. Joy has released I actually want to hear it everywhere and enlighten everyone to it. Joy’s vocals alone on the track are on point, he sounds fantastic. This summer you can catch Vance on tour with the one and only miss Taylor Swift! Bravo Vance Joy that’s a huge tour! Needless to say if you live under a rock and had not heard of him before by the end of the summer you will definitely know his name and maybe even a song or two.

Check out Vance Joy’s latest release!


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