New Politics - Columbia, Maryland - July 18th, 2014


New Politics took the stage at Merriweather Post Pavilion to kick off the evening of the legendary Monumentour featuring headliners Paramore and Fall Out Boy. The band includes a Danish duo, David Boyd (vocals) and Søren Hansen (guitar, vocals, keys) and Brooklyn-born Louis Vecchio (drums, vocals). This highly enthused 3-piece greeted the crowd with their explosive energy, jumping right into Give Me Hope, a fun, upbeat, guitar-driven song that clings to the band's feel-good sound. Boyd erupted with spirit, throwing in his funky dance moves to go with the beat and ending the song in a headstand. They kept the fun going with two more upbeat hits, Berlin and Fall Into These Arms. During the latter, Boyd climbed into the crowd, which held him up by his ankles as he sang the chorus about falling into the arms of a stranger. At the end of the song, Boyd asked, "whose arms am I going to fall into tonight?" and collapsed into the crowd as the last notes rang out.

Next, Boyd preluded the next song, Tonight You're Perfect, one of their biggest hits, by saying, "Follow your goals and dreams, no matter what anyone says. You can do anything you set your mind to". This got the crowd pumped up on positivity and good music, and everyone got up and danced to this electric, feel-good song. This song embodies what New Politics stands for, positive energy, good people, and letting loose to a fun song, "even if just for the night". Halfway through the song, singer LOLO entered the stage and suddenly Tonight You're Perfect turned into Panic! At The Disco's song Miss Jackson, which LOLO is featured on. This starlet belted the chorus with her soulful voice and incredible stage presence. The crowd ate it up, dancing and singing with this fearless firecracker. The song then transitioned back into the New Politics hit, and the band as well as LOLO finished out the song with the crowd pumped up and singing along.

New Politics finished out their set with their most popular hit, Harlem, and Yeah Yeah Yeah, their first single from 2010. The crowd jumped and danced and sang every word, and the band carried out their skyrocketing energy until the very last note. Before exiting the stage as Yeah Yeah Yeah hit its last chorus, Boyd said, "This is the meaning of life: good company and good f*cking music". New Politics absolutely tore down Merriweather Post Pavilion and set the tone for an unforgettable night of music.

New Politics will be on tour this fall with Bad Suns, who are no strangers to Capitol Sound. Both bands are definitely worth seeing, and New Politics never fail to exceed all expectations. If you're looking for a fun night of feel-good music, New Politics and Bad Suns will not disappoint.

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