BANKS - Washington, DC - June 6, 2014

The crowd at U Street Music Hall was packed for the sold out gig, squished between the stage, back wall, and a bar on either side. When Banks took the stage, the whole venue was flooded with silver beams of light accompanied by the crowd's wild applause she began her opening song Before I Ever Met You, a gritty, powerful tune that has a hint of vengeance emitted through vigorous drums and passionate lyrics. The audience immediately ate up the performance energy as they sang and danced along.

Banks then continued her set with hits including This Is What It Feels LikeChange, and Brain, each of which encompasses her striking lyrical style that expose personal topics expressed in a way relatable to everyone. To put it simply, Banks is so captivating because of her ability to make the audience feel.

Remaining along this theme, Banks then introduced her latest single, Goddess, which she described as extremely special to her because she wrote it during a time when she experienced self-doubt, another topic all listeners can relate to. The crowd rejoiced in the acknowledgment of such a deep emotion, which was reinforced when Banks said before singing, "love yourself because you are the most powerful human, every single one of you in this room". The joyously empowered audience sang all the lyrics right back to the stage, making it a liberating moment for all.

Banks finished the last half of her set with Fall OverWarm WaterAre You That Somebody and then returned to the stage for an encore of DrowningWaiting Game, and Bedroom Wall. This performance was an emotional experience for everyone in attendance. It is uncommon to come across an artist who makes her audience feel the emotions she felt while writing the songs. It was fully captivating, evocative, and empowering.

Banks is currently on tour in Europe, which will be wrapped up at the end of July. Her album Goddess is due in September and will feature singles Goddess and Drowning as well as many other hits from her EP London.


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