BØRNS at Rock & Roll Hotel


The lights dim and the crowd excitedly shifts its gaze. The man we’ve all come to see has taken the stage in a sunflowered shirt. Garrett Borns, the midwest born, treehouse-living, singer-songwriter is a quiet, mystifying presence on a Thursday evening in DC.

On the eve of the release of his highly anticipated LP, Dopamine, BØRNS strolls onto the stage cool and confidently -  quite the contrast from the somewhat reckless, $3 PBR-drinking sold out crowd assembled before him at Rock & Roll Hotel.

As soon as he starts playing though, the vibe of the crowd shifts from distracted and buzzed to attentive and mesmerized by the presence of starpower. Having released a handful of songs ahead of Dopamine, the crowd excitedly grooves to familiar songs. “Past Lives” and “Electric Love” are especially enchanting. During these songs it feels like everyone in the crowd is on the same beat, dancing the same dance-a testament to BØRNS’ songwriting abilities.

A cover of “Moonage Daydream” goes over well with the crowd though nobody seems to know what song it is or why he is singing it. Nonetheless, the crowd remains captivated and grooves with BØRNS as he freaks out in a moonage daydream.

Throughout the set, BØRNS is at ease and delivered a seemingly effortless performance, flawless in his ethereal falsetto.

My Notes:

  • Even the bartender was taking a video of him.
  • Girls are around me were getting territorial (we were in the back of the venue).
  • People love him.
  • A star is BØRN(S)