50 Best Songs of 2015 (So Far)


So many brilliant songs have been released this year. Throughout the year, I made a list of songs that really caught my attention. From well known artists such as Lana Del Rey and The 1975, to not so well known artists such as Joni Payne and Aaron Taos! These 50 songs mean so much to me and I hope they will have the same effect on you. wet band50.  The soft, sweet pop track by Wet "Deadwater."

49. Fiona Grey's song that'll make you want to fall in love "What You Want."

48. Michael Blume's song "Manufactured Love" will tug at your emotions.

46.  Indie anthem "Drag" by Day Wave.

45.   "We Have It All", a hypnotizing track by Pim Stones.

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43.   The song that will make your heart skip a beat "Control" by Kevin Garrett.

42. Anyone who has a dream or a goal can relate to "Four Pink Walls" by Alessia Cara.

41.  Noella Nix's soothing and beautiful track "Holding On."

40. Shamir's bone chilling track "Darker."

39. A R I Z O N A's feel-good groovy tune "Where I Wanna Be."

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38. Run away from your problems with Coast Modern's track "Hollow Life."

37. Get sassy with Fallulah's "Social Club."

36. Let Dralms take you to church with his dark track "Usage."

35. Having trouble moving on from someone? Listen to AARON TAOS "ILL."

34. Get tropical with Flyte's "PLEASE ELOISE."

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33. You'll never know what's going to happen when you listen to  Kopp's funky "My Gold."

32. Be blessed by "Not Enough." a magical song by Demo Taped

31. Feel fabulous while listening to IrisGold's track "GOLDMINE."

30. Dance with Favored Nations to their tune "Always."

29. Jam to Samantha Urbani's fun track "U Know I Know."

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28.  Ryder Bach pulls tears with his beautiful track "Best Friends."

27. Lay back to Aimee deBeer and dream away to her beautiful "Oblivion."

28.  Try to be as cool as Mainland by listening to their track "Not As Cool As Me."

27. Stay up with James Guild to his brilliant track "Insomniac."

26. Fall in love with Hazel English's track "Fix."

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25. "Baptize" by midnight will make your heart race.

24. Get electro-poppy with REMMI's "Awake, Asleep."

23. Feel sexy with LEISURE's "All Over You."

22. Leach is so underrated! Check out his incredible track "Tru Luv."

21. Love someone while listening to GLADES "Her (Loving You)."

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19. Patawawa is bringing back disco with their track "Red and White."

18. Get chill with Tep No's song "Swear like a Sailor."

17. Dance to Cruels tune "Give It Up."

18. So Much Light covers Drakes "Connect" and does it perfectly.

17. Get taken away by REECE's soulful voice on "Don't Go."

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16. Joni Payne will have you feeling it with her tune "Must Have."

15. Cappa's brilliant pop track "Other Girls" will blow you away.

14. In "Gone" IYES sings about what everyone fears when it comes to love.

13. Float on air while listening to Lucy Mason's "Seas of Grey."

12. Crave a boy with PWR BTTM's "I Wanna Boi."


11. Experience young love to Troye Sivan's "WILD."

12. MUNA's "Promise" will give you an 80's feel.

11. ELEL gives you the best indie rock song ever "Geode."

10. Get creepy with HUNTR's dark track "Veins."

9. Watch boys to Lana Del Rey's "Music To Watch Boys To."

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8. Get down with The 1975's "Love Me

7. Missio's "Monsters" is the definition of alluring.

6. Museum Mouth sings all about your problems with "Free To Be Lonely."

5. Don't go too far with ACES "Im Already Gone."

4. BANNERS "Shine A Light" is incredibly anthemic.

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3. HOLYCHILD shows a whole other level of Brat Pop with their sick tune "U Make Me Sick."

2. Play Allie X's "Hello" whenever you see your crush.

1. STRANGE NAMES "Trespassing" will make you wish you grew up in the 80's.


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