Our Latest Obsession - The Wind and the Wave


the wind and the wave  

Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn Drew claim that they're each other's other half (they have opposite tastes in trail mix components). Baker and Drew insist that he is the wind and she is the wave, respectively. Both bring their own parts to the table, but they remain on the same page and don’t step on each other’s toes, so to speak.

While the band itself might be fairly new to the music scene, signing to RCA Records in 2013, its members are not. Previously, Patty was in a band called “The Solider Thread,” which disbanded in 2012. Dwight is a recording engineer, mixer, and he owns his own recording studio out of Austin Texas, Matchbox Studios. Dwight is also an accomplished writer, writing four songs on Kelly Clarkson’s record, My December. However, Dwight stopped this sort of work for the time being in order to focus on making music and artwork that he really, truly cared about.

The Wind and the Wave, although a younger band, has quite a few accomplishments to date. They were one of twelve of the New York Times’ local acts to watch as SXSW and they had the opportunity to support big-names like Bruce Springsteen and Fun. at the NCAA March Madness Music Festival in Dallas. The Wind and the Wave also have had their songs placed in several hit shows such as Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy. As if that weren’t enough, they even performed three of their original songs on the television show Heart of Dixie. This band is clearly on their way to making tidal waves in the music industry, and this is only the beginning.

Their debut album, From the Wreckage, was released on August 5, 2014. You can catch The Wind and the Wave on their winter east coast tour with Corey Smith.

Extra and Notable:

Sia's "Chandelier" cover

"It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought" (Marfa Takes)

"My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head" (Marfa Takes)