BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun ft. DOOM



For the past couple of years, Toronto based jazz threesome BADBADNOTGOOD have been blowing jazz and non-jazz fans away with their wild instrumentals and hip-hop covers. They've worked with many big names in the hip-hop industry, names like Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and MF DOOM. Now, after just releasing their newest album BBNGIII last May, they're  getting ready to drop another one with Ghostface Killah titled Sour Soul. The album isn't set to release till February 25th but for now you can enjoy the newly released track " RAY GUN" that DOOM features in as well.

images-2  "RAY GUN"  begins with a piano and guitar crawling up a scale in a very Wu-Tang fashion and then the main riff begins. Ghostface and DOOM lyrically trade-off and hammer their bars over the chirping organs and snappy drums. After DOOM signs off the song ends with a outro that sounds like it could be a score off of a Tarantino film. Judging from the effortless and poetic flow of Ghostface, and the flawless instrumental work of BBNG, Sour Soul is going to be the type of album that will definitely need to be heard by jazz fans and hip-hop fans alike.

Sour Soul is going to be released on February 25th and is now available for pre-order oni .