Our Latest Obessision: Lena Fayre



This week we'll talk about the dark and mysterious California singer, Lena Fayre! At the age of 12, Lena started writing but didn't really take it seriously until she was 16 years old. She serenades you with smooth vocals and powerful lyrics that will take over your body. With all the power that is put into every song, you can tell music means a lot to the 'Everybody's In' singer! Lena is  now 18 years old and is already gathering a steady group of listeners. For such a young artist, the lyrics will absolutely blow your mind and make you think, which proves she is someone who needs to be listened to!

I remember listening to Lena for the first time and having a lot of memories, sad and happy, rush into my mind as I closed my eyes and listened to her mesmerizing vocals. Her album Oko has 11 songs and each one has a beautiful story that goes along with it. Listening to her is like a beautiful daydream; her music is like a taste of fresh cold water for alternative pop music. Lena is currently working on a new EP that we hope to have very soon, along with a video for her newest single 'This World.' Building her career while doing some small local shows in Los Angeles, we hope to see Lena go on tour around the country soon! Listen to 'I Am Not A Man' and watch the music video here. If you're looking to buy any of Lena's tunes, all can be found on iTunes. Trust me on this one: she is worth all of your time!


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