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10402832_789096161121066_8690729274866763669_nMeet Wild Love! The trio is a rock band based out of Northern Virginia, consisting of guitarist Blake Maxwell, bassist Si Gecener, and lead vocalist Brandon Gorman. Read below to learn all about Wild Love.

CS: Listening to your EP's, I can definitely hear a bit of Arctic Monkeys influence. Who else can you name as inspirations?

WL: The 1975, Kings of Leon. Cage The Elephant stage performance wise. We are all those bands combined. U2 is pretty influential to us to.

CS: What do you think can be done to increase the community feeling in the DMV's Rock scene?

WL: I'd say just support your local bands. We have Battle of the Bands here that the county puts on and a lot of the bands just form to perform there. I know the punk is kind of big in DC, so I feel like that can translate into the rock scene somehow. It takes ones band. It starts in the youth. Youthfest gave us our platform to kick off and keep going.

CS: Do you think, apart from Youthfest, it's hard breaking out of the northern VA music scene?

WL: I think it's hard for us because you think general not respected usually, so it's hard for us to break those boundaries. Adults don't usually take you seriously it's not kids that are booking gigs so it's hard.

CS: You're coming from a place where not a lot of people are successful or even aware of different/upcoming genres. Do you think it's hard to gain fans in that way?

WL: Everything is a scene. I think, in rock music itself, there's so much variety that no one can really group one band as any genre.

CS: So do you think rock music is picked up by a different genre because it may have just enough hints of said genre to be able to transfer over when that wasn't the main intention?

WL: I think people are always trying to sell him, or I guess sellout. I would just listen to of course because you know Zane just left, the fourth album and I picked up on some subtle clever songwriting. I think he won't even notice what that's what make up one direction be able to be put on the radio.


You can purchase Wild Love's Flow EP on their bandcamp.


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