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We got a chance to catch up with Jesse Taylor of Wildcat! Wildcat! after their set in Austin at Fun Fun Fun Fest! Check it out below. Capitol Sound: So you guys kicked off your tour today at Fun Fun Fun Fest?

Jesse Taylor: We actually started tour yesterday in El Paso! Today’s our second day

Capitol Sound: So we can we expect to see at your show this tour? Because I saw you guys last summer for the VMA pre-party in New York, and I wanted to know what would be different from then to now.

Jesse Taylor: We tend to put a lot of energy into our set, so it’s really up to you! If you wanna dance, if you wanna stand and take it in introspectively, or if you wanna just let go. It’s up to you.

Capitol Sound: You guys are also on tour with one of my favorite bands right now, Sun Club! Have you met those guys yet?

Jesse Taylor: We actually haven’t met them yet! We meet up with them tomorrow.

Capitol Sound: Cool! Again, I saw you guys last year and I know you started Wildcat! Wildcat! in 2012 after other projects you did growing up, so what was the process of making this debut album after doing this for so long?

Jesse Taylor: This project kind of started as something that was just kind of cool between the three of us. A couple of us lived in the same loft building so we’d all meet-up, and we’d just make some music and have fun. We got an offer from another band that we knew to play a show and decided “why not?” We learned how to play the songs that we’d written and that’s really how it started! Then we had another show five days later, and it kept going. We got to finish the record in March this year!

Capitol Sound: Since we’re in Texas and talking about the album, you guys have a song called “Marfa,” which is my favorite place in the entire world! What inspired you to go “Marfa, I wanna write about that place!”

Jesse Taylor: We’ve never been to Marfa! That song is one of the original five or six songs we were working with. “The Chief” and “Marfa” kind of go together, those are our western kind of songs, and Marfa is just a great word to say. It kind of conjures up what I know of Marfa,  “There Will Be Blood,” one of my favorite movies. Just a desolate landscape - but I’m sure it’s not really like that! I actually hear it’s really cool. We saw some signs for it on our way here and we were really tempted but we drove all of last night just to get here.

Capitol Sound: This is our last question unfortunately, but since we’re at Fun Fun Fun fest, we gotta know: what is your dream festival line-up?

Jesse Taylor: Wow, that’s a great question. I should’ve thought about this before! Led Zeppelin headlining, Radiohead before them. The Sahara tent at Coachella, have you been there? It doesn’t matter who’s playing, that’s the place you go to lose your mind and go to the beer garden to get it back. Then you watch Radiohead open for Led Zeppelin.

We'd like to thank Jesse for taking the time to talk to us on a busy day. You can buy tickets to their tour with Sun Club on their website.

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