Interview - Odd Mojo

Shot by Brilan Houser
Shot by Brilan Houser

TNT act Odd Mojo chopped it up with show hosts Yànjú and Nelly of podcast Errbody Eats. Check out our favorite highlights below and listen (@49:56) to the full interview!

Nelly: The first thing I wanted to ask you about was your name. I was doing some research and you said it was more of a description of your character. Do you want to tell us a little bit more about that?

Odd Mojo: So it’s kind of like a mood, almost. A way of living. I feel like when I’m rapping, I turn on that Odd Mojo, that personality. I feel like it’s not really my name. It’s moreso how I am when I’m rapping, when I’m telling my story, and when I’m connecting with other people. I hope other people feel like they can turn on their odd mojo and they can channel their mojo when they’re listening to my music. I don’t want to just be the odd mojo. I want everybody to be odd mojo.

Yànjú: I love that. That was so spiritual. Like, we are the mojo.

OM: For real. I want everybody to channel their mojo when they hear my music or without even hearing my music. It’s really just being yourself, and just channeling that positive energy to the fullest.

N: One of [your] lines that stuck out to me was in “The Intro”, you were talking about seducing the beat.Is that like a general mood for you? This play, this flirtation with music - is that how you approached it?

OM: You took it way back. Yeah. That’s definitely how I went for that. That was kind of random. I didn’t even expect to say that. [It] was off the dome. That was my first joint I ever recorded. That shit was crazy.

N: And you were already spitting bars.

Shot by Brilan Houser
Shot by Brilan Houser

Y: I read that films inspire you a lot as far as the music or how you want to pursue acting

OM: I feel like when I watch movies I’m in a different place. I kind of forget that I’m alive. I feel like I’m the character in the movie, type shit. Movies are really dope, man. That shit is hardcore.

Y: Do you have a detailed vision as far as your shows go for the visuals? Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus’ rap alter ego) raps in front of a projector with a whole bunch of crazy images so it’s a very visual experience.

OM: I’m actually brainstorming on that now like how I want to portray everything. I was really thinking about getting a mascot to wear the boombox head and hype me up while I’m on stage. I have a boom box at home but it’s not big enough but I was thinking about coming on stage with a big ass boom box. Keep it real Hip-Hop, 90s, and perform like that.

Y: I noticed on your album artwork and in one of your vlogs you have a boombox on your desk. Where does that come from?

OM: I don’t really want my face to be shown for music. I feel like that’s a way to take the focus away from what I look like. “Oh let’s see what she’s giving.” Let’s just focus on the art and the music. I was studying other artists like Kanye West when he had the teddy bear and shit. I was like “What can I do for that?” and I was just looking at some Hip-Hop shit and I seen a lot of boom boxes. Radio Raheem kind of inspired me to do that.

N: What should we expect for the TNT show on May 5th? What kind of vibe are you trying to bring?

OM: I’m just trying to bring y’all some Odd Mojo vibes, you feel me? Just some out of the ordinary new shit. Straight hip hop. Mojo Monday, I’m doing a tribute to classic 90s hits and also perform some tracks from my mixtape “‘94”. I’m just trying to get y’all mellow hype.

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