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We caught up with TNT act Moody ahead of our show to discuss what he has planned for his performance. In an interview below, Moody details his hip-hop orchestra, working for for non-profit organization Words, Beats, & Life, the first instrument he picked up, and more.


CSDC: What was the first instrument you picked up and do you have a favorite?

Moody: My first instrument was a mistake. I wanted to play the cello, but I didn't know what it was called so I was hurt when the cashier dropped a viola on the counter. My mom already paid for it, so there was no going back. I'm glad because it's taught me some valuable lessons since. I'm learning the drums and bass guitar but they all access different feels so I can't pick a favorite.

CSDC: How do you classify "hip-hop orchestra"? What inspired you to start it? 

Moody: I really don't classify HHO as anything just yet. I started producing for a friend and he would always joke about how the beat never stayed in one place long enough, but I really liked that about my music so I wanted to chase that. The first year was difficult because I didn't know much about music theory and had zero experience in damn near everything I needed to be successful. While i was trying to figure all of that out, I was going through a really dark time but creating and building really helped me through it.


CSDC: What do you do for Words, Beats, & Life? What attracted you to working at a non-profit?

Moody: My day job is the Director of Marketing for Words, Beats, & Life. I love the culture and people I meet, the events we do, and the impact we have on the District, specifically the youth who are passionate about figuring out how to be successful, multidisciplined artists. The work is hard but the hustle it inspires is worth it. You can donate at Shameless, but there it is so you gotta check it out now. =)

CSDC: You've only had one release, Moody, that includes mostly compositions and spoken word. What is your favorite song from the EP and why? Do you have plans to include singing or rap on your next release, or do you want to stick to this unconventional path?

Moody: The last track, Have Mercy, off the EP means the most. I put the most heart into the instrumental trying to do it right for a late friend and the people who cared about her. I was going to get lyricists on it but I didn't want to overshadow the powerful samples from the Eryn Allen Kane and the GOAT Donny Hathaway. I definitely want to create with as many styles as possible and build bridges. There's always more to learn.


CSDC: How was your show, Interdimensional Players Ball? Give us your highlights.

Moody: The Interdimensional Player's Ball was a great time. I got the chance to write and perform an 80-page medley of some of my favorite tracks of all time at the Howard Theatre. And everyone's outfits looked like P-Funk landed in 1920's Harlem.

CSDC: What can we expect from your performance at TNT?

Moody: You can expect some deep head nods and stank faces featuring Ra and Kosi at The Commune on May 5th.

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