Preview: Beach House and Papercuts at The Anthem

Beach House and Papercuts will bring the dreamiest of vibes to The Anthem during their sets on Saturday, August 25, 2018. We’ll be ready to relive our “Teen Dream” as we dance in the light’s “Lemon Glow” as this end of summer show eases us into the night.

Photo by Meredith Wohl.

Photo by Meredith Wohl.


Hot off the trails of their newly released record, “7,” Beach House will end the North American leg of their current tour at The Anthem in Washington, D.C.

Bands like Beach House are what this dreamy new venue was built for -- it is almost guaranteed that the ooze of their synthesizers will drift up to through the balconies while immersing the crowd below in the weight of their gloomy groove. New and die-hard fans alike are sure to feel at home on this tour, as the easy to love band blends tracks from the new record with long-loved crowd favorites.

Listening to any Beach House’s record is a gloriously immersive, engagingly magical experience. This Baltimore-bred duo makes the music to set to any rose-colored dreamscape, and define the essential guidelines of the dream pop genre. The Beach House discography is considerably extensive, as the Sub Pop flagship band has churned out nearly eight full-length records since their inception in 2004. There is something so addictively compelling about the Beach House sound; as they have grown into their now signature sound, themes of observant regret, inevitable gloom and cautious optimism shines through their discography. Abandoning classic lyrical structure and predictable musical arrangements, Beach House songs seem to prod at sensory-saturated memories, like the feeling of being woken up by the sun peaking through your blinds, solemn drives on dark roads and the enticingly fuzzy glow of nostalgia.

This is not the kind of show where fans will be screaming their favorite lyrics at the top of their lungs or jumping to the beat of the most popular hits played, but rather, a collective experience where each individual person is free to truly dig into their feels. Will Beach House entrance you with their synthesizer-driven hypnosis? You’ll just have to join us next Saturday to find out.



Photo courtesy of Alchetron.

Photo courtesy of Alchetron.


Fellow Sub Pop label-mate Papercuts open for Beach House on this tour, bolstering the indie rock roots of the overall show. With a sound that could have easily been produced by legendary rock ‘n rollers like The Byrds, Papercuts’ classic organ arrangements and simple, cutting bass lines evoke a welcome nod to the 1960's. Hailing from San Francisco, the indie pop melodies that define frontman Jason Robert Quever’s musical POV blend familiar California surf rock riffs with a modern, psychedelic twist.

Tracks like “Wait Til I’m Dead” and “John Brown” feature the kind of delightful crooning that you might crave from a bread-and-butter indie track, while their breakout song “Future Primitive” weaves serene, dark vocal undertones in a style much like that of Deerhunter’s haunting Bradford Cox. Their recently released track, “Laughing Man,” is the perfect track to blast as you anticipate the crisp approach of fall.

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