Interview: Lydia

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Indie rock band, Lydia recently stopped in DC to play a show at U Street Music Hall in support of their latest album, LiquorWe caught up with keyboardist Matt Keller via email ahead the show to discuss making their latest album, Lydia's favorite liquor, and more.

Capitol Sound DC: What was your approach to making Liquor and how was it different than previous albums?

MK: Overall, there was definitely a mindset from the start to not let anything suck. I know thats kinda vague and maybe a little self inflating, but most creatives have experienced a similar situation - you're in a collaborative setting where you think the idea/direction kinda sucks, but everybody else in the room seems to be feeling it - so you don't speak up. Kind of as a rule, if anybody in the room thinks an idea can be better, whether it be better executed or trashed completely in place of something new, you speak up. Don't let it suck, ya know? 

CSDC: What was your most memorable or any “ah-hah” moment(s) of making Liquor?

MK: A whole bunch of "ah-hahs" started happening when we got into the studio with Eric Palmquist. We had been self producing up until that point, and had 2 or 3 songs that we were really freakin proud of, but also had another 15 solid ideas that we just couldn't get past each other on. Once we brought Palmquist in, he really helped sort out a lot of the ideas and brought in his point of view, which helped us see where we were trying to meet.

CSDC: What’s your favorite lyric from the album and why?

MK: Off the top of my head, it's a lyric from Way Out, the last track on the record. "Only hear you in my head, speaking different language, every single word just sounds the same."

CSDC: The album narrative seems to follow a volatile love. If you could give a piece of relationship advice to yourself (past or present) what would it be?

MK: Be a friend that a friend would like to have. People say hurtful things to each other when they get sad or angry - before you say something you'll regret (or say something back), stop and ask yourself what you have to gain from doing so. The answer is almost always nothing.

CSDC: What is Lydia’s favorite liquor? What kind of cocktail would you make for someone with it?

MK: Tequila, straight. For the cocktail, I'd add ice. 

CSDC: We see the same characters from the “Sunlight” music video in “Let it Cover Me Up”. Could you give us some more insight into these characters and their story? Should we be on the lookout for them in upcoming music videos?

MK: The way I look at it - and this is completely up for interpretation - is kind of two views of the same story. Sunlight is the life these characters are living in real life, and as the main male character in Sunlight gets knocked out, "Let it Cover Me Up" is the dark dreamworld reflection of his life. We might see more, you never know!

CSDC: Do you anticipate releasing any more historical reenactment videos such as Drunk History: O.K. Corral Gunfight of 1881? Either way, what is another story that intrigues you and think people should know about?

MK: Nothing in the works yet, but it was such a good time that I wouldn't be surprised if we did it again! I know it's borderline sci-fi at this point, but I've always been really intrigued by the various disappearances/strange stories from the Bermuda Triangle...

CSDC: Anything else you would like to share with your fans? Can be related to music or any topic of your choosing.

Honestly, just intense appreciation that people even know who we are, much less come to our shows and yell the words back at us. Thank you for letting us do this.

All photos by Raelena Kniff for Capitol Sound DC.

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