Capitol Sound DC Presents: Medslaus x Foggieraw x Greenss

We are pleased to announce our next showcase at Songbyrd Music House on June 22. Come out and enjoy live performances from Brooklyn-based hip-hop duo Medslaus, and local favorites Foggieraw and Greenss.  


Medslaus are up-and-comers in the next generation of New York's DIY scene. Associated with the likes of Ratking, Standing on the Corner, Nick Hakim, and Earl Sweatshirt, they effortlessly execute what creates an organic, cult-like fanbase: collaboration, consideration, and just enough cool. Above all, their work ethic is admirable and bleeds into their live show, which is why I'm honored to add Medslaus to our roster, alongside local favorites Foggieraw and Greenss. 

Students of experimental rap, Medhane and Slauson Malone did the best with their circumstances while creating their latest release, Poorboy, at their schools in Pittsburgh and NYC, respectively. Malone explained to The Fader, "I feel like it worked to our advantage. We had to go through a bunch of different drafts. The distance is kind of what makes the album hot too, because, even though you’re hearing one song, it’s comprised of multiple sessions." 

Medslaus spend plenty of time crafting their live show to near-perfection. Malone learned from others' mistakes made at hip-hop shows he attended, "[I] go to rap concerts, and everything sounds terrible. You don’t even hear what’s happening. It’s a lot. The quality of sound was important to me." Though inspired by world-record holding rapper Supernatural's ability to connect with his audience, Medhane quickly learned how to make his live show the best it could be, "Some of my earlier shows, I would try and interact with every person. I’ve gotten less into [interacting with every person] and focusing on making sure you can hear everything I say. We don’t use backing tracks."

We're most excited about this live show because Medslaus aim to maintain a safe space for all, "I also think talking about topics like race and gender is important," Medhane says. "I feel like no one talks about race in this scene we’re a part of. I don’t even mean like thinking super hard about, “is what I’m doing racist,” I mean thinking about inclusion and representation is important." Malone shares his considerations regarding accountability, "How can we make an environment, community, family, whatever, take responsibility however they can?"

Medslaus takes the stage at Songbyrd Music House on June 22. Find tickets below, on sale now.