Songs from the Road: A Playlist by Gordi

Gordi kicks off her tour supporting S. Carey this week, which brings her to DC on March 27th for a show at DC9. The Australian artist released her debut album, "Reservoir" in August of 2017 via Jagjaguwar Records and has been quietly building a following ever since. The album explores themes of loss and the heartbreak and the eventual acceptance that come with it. Gordi is an incredibly gifted songwriter who takes the most simple concepts and turns them into grandiose, cathartic moments. Listening to Gordi's songs provide a window into her soul and help the listener acquire a  better understanding of why the smallest, mundane experiences in life can feel so significant as they are happening. Sonically, "Reservoir" stunningly weaves and blends elements of folk and electronica with Gordi's melancholy vocals to create a captivating sound. Her set at DC9 next week will be as enthralling as her album and we can't wait! Tickets are available for purchase HERE.

We recently asked Gordi to create a playlist of songs she's listening to on the road and to give us a bit of insight as to why her ears are drawn to each of her selections. Check out the list below and make sure you gollow the playlist on Spotify HERE.

10 tracks that I'm listening to on the road...

1. "Out Worn" by Soccer Mommy

- I'm obsessed with this artist at the moment. Her new record 'Clean' just came out, but this track is from 'Collection'. I fell in love with it the minute I heard it - the open chords are so beautifully nostalgic.

2. "Indulge Me" by Moses Sumney

- Moses Sumney's debut 'Aromanticism' was one of my favourite records of last year. The production is stunning and the vocals so sensitively captured. This song perfectly shows the restraint and richness of the whole album. 

3. "four ethers" by serpentwithfeet

- This is the most interesting song I have heard in a long time. The huge dynamic shifts are incredible and the orchestral samples are unlike anything I have heard before. This artist is going to do very big things.

4. "Gwan" by Rostam

- The string riff that this song begins with hooked me in straight away. It creates a beautiful, light atmosphere on which Rostam builds stunning layers that are right up my alley.

5. "Slow Disco" by St. Vincent

- St. Vincent is a total icon and I declare myself a superfan. The pace of this song is what moves me the most. The pauses and legato strings paint a really cinematic picture, which is fitting for St. Vincent's vocals to rest on top of.

6. "White Ferrari" by Frank Ocean

At any given moment I will be listening to this song. To me it is perfect. From the excellent melody to the incredible shifts in musicality to the moving conclusion, it is flawless. My favourite part is at about 30 seconds when there is this random snare drum that fades into the background and out, never to be seen again.

7. "Nobody Else Will Be There" by The National

- I really love this record, particularly the piano tone that the Dessner brothers have mastered, which is crucial to the beauty of this song.

8. "Face Like Thunder" by The Japanese House

- I've had this song on repeat for the last 6 months. Huge shades of the Kween Imogen Heap with lovely subtle textures. Gives me feels.

9. "Hideout" by S. Carey

- S. Carey's new record 'Hundred Acres' is a beautiful piece of work. A perfect example of instrumentation and musicianship.

10. "Slow Mover" by Angie McMahon

- Angie is an up and coming Australian artist who arrived on the scene with this excellent, excellent song. Not unlike the tones of Soccer Mommy, it brings that nostalgia and feels like a song you've known for years.

Jenny Ryan