Song of the Week: "Are You Happy" by Moody


"Are You Happy" is an unconventional, cinematic cut from Maryland composer, Moody. The track opens with a sample from unreleased video footage of Michael Jackson answering the very question the song title begs: “are you happy?” Free Thyme’s Kosi opens the song with a spoken word delivery and the lyrics are brutally honest, “I bet they poisoned our water ‘cause they scared of our growth.” The track creeps up on you with unexpected additions of synths, percussion, and a guitar break in the middle by Joe Martin. Distant-sounding outbursts and Michael Jackson adlibs keep the track on its course and build up until reaching the climax of this unique drop as Kosi powerfully reminds us "it's okay to be broken!" Listen to “Are You Happy” by Moody below.

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Song of the WeekAngelie Benn