Review: Matt Maeson at DC9


I watched as Matt Maeson sauntered through the crowd at DC9 and made his way to the stage. Had I not known what he looked like, I probably would have assumed he was in attendance as a fan, not as one of the performers. As he grabbed his guitar, strummed the opening chords to “Grave Digger,” and sang the first line, the clusters of boozy conversations in the room quickly began to lull as their eyes and ears shifted toward the stage. Matt Maeson has one of those rare, raw voices that can completely shift the dynamic of a room. You can feel his voice when you hear it.

Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

During a set that lasted around 35 minutes, Matt Maeson let his guitar playing skills and otherworldly vocals shine while remaining lowkey in his onstage demeanor. Songs like “Grave Digger” and “Cringe” which have major pop radio appeal were especially massive live, and it was refreshing to see a performer need little more than his voice and guitar to captivate an audience. He had the entire room, including the sound engineer, bobbing their head to the infectious beats that drive his songs.

As he played some of his new material, I was continually amazed by the brutal honesty in Matt’s voice and lyrics. With lines like “just a piece of shit I’ve always been lost” and “I think I’m better on my own but I’m obsessed with you” Matt Maeson provides an authentic, cathartic listening experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. As he closed out his set last Thursday evening, there was a palpable sense of closeness in the crowd, as Matt Maeson had brought a crowd of strangers together in a way that made us all feel like we were gathered to watch a close friend perform. As he continues to share his voice with the world, I have no doubt the venues and audiences will get bigger and the listeners will magnify.

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