Public Access T.V. - Never Enough | Album Review


For those who think straight-forward rock'n'roll is on its deathbed, Public Access T.V.'s debut album Never Enough is proof that there is plenty of life left in one of modern music's mainstay genres.

Hailing from New York City, the quartet has already gained fame across the pond in the UK, and now, armed with a full-length record, PATV will likely do the same in America. But their impending successes won't be attributed to leveraging the latest and greatest technologies to evolve rock—or any similar approach, for that matter. On the contrary, PATV rolled up their sleeves and fused together the sounds of other great bands—The Strokes, Weezer, The Ramones, and plenty more—to create a catchy, guitar-driven LP that boasts a feel-good vibe from start to finish.

The melodies are clean; the lyrics are leather-jacket cool. Most of the songs clock in around the three-minute mark; however, that's all PATV needs to produce well-rounded, polished tracks loaded with foot-tapping rhythms, addictive choruses and collective vocal hooks that have the potential to span generations.

"Listen up, I've got nothing to say, but I can sell you on a lie," John Eatherly sings on one of the albums quirkier tunes. By no means is it an admission about PATV's body of work, though. Instead it feels like an affirmation of the opposite. Never Enough is honest rock'n'roll at heart and an invigorating, standout work in a such a storied class where too often it feels like every song that could be written has been written.

Public Access T.V.'s debut is as promising as they come, and the future is bright for these sidewalk-sound saviors.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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