LANY at 9:30 Club


“This is supposed to be the best venue in the country so don’t disappoint” Paul Klein (Lead vocals, keys, guitar) said to the crowd at 9:30 Club Tuesday night. LANY, hailing from Oklahoma City and Nashville (now based in LA), brought a sound much larger than expected for a three-piece band. I found myself searching the stage for more members only to realize there were in fact three and only three people on stage creating such a large sound.

They opened with “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS,” which felt particularly fitting as I stood at the show alone wondering the same. By song two, “Made In Hollywood,” Klein was already in the crowd igniting a frenzy among the fans in the front row who clearly favored the opening act. During “Someone Else,” a melancholy song off of 2015’s “I Loved You” EP the band’s tempo was brought down, but the energy in the room remained as everyone in the room was completely enthralled. Highlights of the set included the massive singalong that ensued during the band’s breakout track, “ILYSB” and the massive rendition of “I Don’t Care” which closed out the set and made me feel like I was at church.

Though LANY is a band that ooze with the effortless, cool vibe that most bands strive for, it was obvious that their moves are calculated. From Paul’s wet locks to their understated lighting, LANY aren’t a haphazard band, they are clearly building something special. By the end of the seven song set, LANY proved that they are in this for the long haul. They are a band with the starpower, drama, and allure of The 1975 and the humble attitude that can only come from growing up in middle america. Simply put, LANY are the real deal.

LANY assured us that their show at 9:30 Club this fall will look a lot different-we can’t wait to see what's next.

The Breakdown:

The Crowd: Young & alive ON A TUESDAY.

Seen: Enthusiastic air drumming.

Question: Will crowds ever be able to collectively clap on beat?

Keep up with LANY at the links below and buy tickets to their October 24th 9:30 Club show HERE. All images by Mickey Cerball

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