Future Islands - Boston, MA - January 6, 2015


IMG_0232 The start of some major internet buzz about Future Islands surfaced after their first late night appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, where Sam Herring’s energy and talent took Letterman and the audience by storm. After their break-through year with the 2014 release of Singles, Future Islands’ first show of 2015 in Boston sold out so quickly the band added another Boston show the following Tuesday. Just as I had anticipated, I was completely blown away by their set last Tuesday.

As the clock struck 10:00pm that night, I was making my way up the stairs alongside the stage to take some pictures and get a spot before the band took the stage. I found myself basically bumping into each member of the band because as I headed up the stairs the band was making their way past me to the stage. Seeing Sam head down to the stage beside me mumbling something to himself, getting himself pumped up for his first set of the year was quite comical and already entertaining. Opening up with Back in The Tall Grass, I found I was lost in the colors and tried to capture the crowd in my photographs, as they stared in awe at every move Sam was making.

What I also found exceptional about Future Islands’ set was how every single song performed that night had been introduced with “this song is about,” giving the audience an insight into exactly what Samuel wanted us to feel and see as he did.

Whether it was Sam’s constant chest pounding, his sensual dance moves, the arm licking to display the love and emotion he cannot help but feel, or just that clean loud synth-pop that we all know and love, it was a hell of a night! You’d be a fool to not check out this band if they roll through your town this upcoming year.