This is the #Koalition



photograph via: Jon Karr

This is Koa. They will compliment you on your Halloween costume and give you hugs even if they have never met you before and they will always meet you halfway. They will make you feel like you are an integral part of their success as a band because they truly believe that you are. They will not stop working hard until they get where they want to go, and then they'll take a deep breath, relax for a minute, and work some more.

We are the Koalition. We started out small, but we're mighty. We are Koa's friends and supporters. We think that they’re the best band in Nashville, and we’re not afraid to say so.

So, come and hang out with us on April 10th at the Exit/In in Nashville if you're in town. If you can't make it, "Maybe Next Time." I know that the boys would love to see you there. Click on the picture below to buy your tickets and get ready to dance with us!

cause a scene


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