Our Latest Obsession - Willow


willow-smith-chaotic-heart-lead The Smith Family has a long line of talent. Will and Jada continue to dominate the screen, ranging from major feature films to superhero spin-offs. Jaden seems to take after his father, proving himself talented in both acting and music. Next in line is Willow. After 2010 hit "Whip My Hair" was released, Willow was thought to be a serious contender to dominate the kids pop music scene. Fast forward a mere four years, Willow releases music through her Soundcloud that has no hint of her age at all. Her sound is indescribable in the best way. Hints of Jazz, Electronic, and R&B all appear throughout her music. Despite being only 14 years old, her lyrics' maturity surpass any thought most of us may have had at that age. Like any budding teenager, she sings about love, friendship, heartbreak, and other adolescent woes, but does not limit herself to that. Her lyrics often mention traits of Indigo Children (a popular subject recently among the hip-hop youth, like Raury, Flatbush Zombies, and Underachievers,) as well as spiritual experiences often practiced various religions. She invites you into her brain on her November EP titled 3. The release was free and uploaded on her Spotify account. 3 features three songs, including a collaboration with SZA titled "9." The song brings an ethereal atmosphere, finished off with hazy harmonies and a glittering instrumental.

Her latest release is titled Interdimensional Tesseract. The three tracks were produced by Chaotic. The project follows the theme of her last EP, solidifying her musical persona. The first song released from the EP is titled "H E A R T," which explains her relationship in a comparison between the earth and the rest of the universe.  A personal favorite from this EP is the second track, "VIBRATION." The lyrics are direct but delicate, "Patient, not out here, and everything's on my mind/You tell me that you care, and everything's alright." It adds evidence to her coming-of-age spirit that become more and more discernible with every release. I can't wait to see what Willow has in store for the rest of 2015.

Visit Willow's Soundcloud for more music.