Our Latest Obsession: Swim Deep


When I first heard of Swim Deep, they were having a show at U Street Music Hall in 2013 with current tourmates The 1975. Admittedly, I was not too moved by their debut, Where the Heaven Are We, in 2013. Peaking on the UK charts at number 20, the album came in the midst of a time that was gorged with indie music. It wasn't given the chance it deserved, like many records from that year. With that being said, Swim Deep's 2015 record pulled me in and landed them a spot as our latest obsession. 148727_918846831508335_4952605981000800583_n

Completely revamping their dream pop sound, Swim Deep added elements of psychedelia and acid house on their latest record "Mothers." The 15 tracks were released earlier last month, October 2. Swim Deep's "Mother" may be one of my favorites from indie this year. The album is cohesive but not repetitive, an issue we have seen a lot in the past year with indie releases. Each track delves deeper and deeper into Swim Deep. They talk about their experiences with past lovers and weird drug trips, as well as conspiracy theories about the Space Race between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. On the lighter side of things, the guys also touch on their "Grand Affection" for the world. My favorite track from the album goes to Green Conduit. The song is definitely the most eclectic on the album, starting with sweet and sunny strings only to build up to a dooming farewell, all in about four and a half minutes. Growth and evolution are now two words that come to mind when I think of the five-piece outfit from across the pond. Stream Swim Deep's "Mothers" below.