Our Latest Obsession: Fyfe

OYdKnpLE_400x400 Fyfe. The name when first heard seems simple, short, and appealing to the ear. Fyfe, also being the new identity of the artist Paul Dixon. The 25 year old Englishman dives straight into the world of music catching everyone in his path off guard. The formally known musical artist David’s Lyre reentering the music industry with a fresh start and a new sound that can almost be described as true expression of his character with the frequent use of electronic and folk ballads. This raw exposure of Dixon’s character shines brightly through the musical ego of Fyfe where loneliness and love intertwine to form the identity of himself. His first album “Control” was released March 9, 2015. Regarding the whole album it consists of this feeling that he is just living in the shadows of those who surround him. Regretful faults of love tracing behind as each track plays. Heartbreak. The majority (if not all) of his tracks carry this raw emotion, you can almost feel it as he drags out each syllable in every verse, slowly and steadily. The track "Solace," which was written two years ago, contains just the raw emotion described. “Living isn’t easy when you’ve been free, and it’s taken away.” Showing that your capabilities of living life to its fullest are narrowed when your freedom is to an extent. His disparity is heartbreaking in a sense, but also something anyone who has been in an at-fault relationship can relate to. Fyfe’s singles "For You" and “Holding On” seem to be making their ways up in popularity as it should. These tracks aren’t lacking appreciation, and it’s reassuring that his heartfelt tragedy is being distributed throughout the world. His calling out and pain can be heard literally and related to by his listeners. In my opinion, it’s very rare to experience such an honest artist, knowing his pain and being able to feel what he feels. Distinction is something he definitely possesses. I am hoping to see Fyfe in the near future. He is currently on a tour throughout Europe to promote his new album, along with getting his name and new identity out there. His tour will be ending this April, and one can only hope that he will announce an American tour shortly after. Fingers crossed!


You can purchase Control here.

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