Our Latest Obsession - Dark Waves


Our Latest Obsession - Dark Waves For any of you who follow my writing, you already know that I am a huge lover of Spotify. In recent weeks while discovering new music, I discovered a band called Dark Waves and I'm utterly obsessed. Nick Long is the mastermind behind Dark Waves. Dark Waves is based out of Los Angeles, California. The song I am most obsessed with is with from Dark Waves is called "I Don't Wanna Be in Love" with a line that sings “We keep each other warm / but we both know it’s not enough.” It tugs at the heart strings of failed relationships past. The song was included on a small EP, also entitled Dark Waves, which was released on September 30, 2014 by the record label Five Seven Music. The song itself has a hunting quality but it's something I haven't heard music in quite a while. This artist is definitely one to keep a peeper out for in the coming year! I wouldn't be at all surprised if he got added to a few music festival circuits and if he does you better be sure to be there to watch as the next stage in music takes off!

Take a listen to Dark Waves below!


You can check him out on Twitter if you want to learn more!