Our Latest Obsession: Baths


Will Wiesenfeld is a producer/singer/songwriter/musical genius better known as Baths. Straight out of LA, he is currently one of the top artists in chillwave music. He was raised a classically trained musician and played instruments to compete with his brother, but had given it up at age 12; that didn't stop him from continuing to pursue his passion for music, fortunately.

He has had 3 albums in the last 3 years, all of them making a big statement. His first album, Cerulean was made in about two months in his bedroom and was listed by The A.V. Club as the 21st best album of 2010. It also made Pitchfork Media's "Album of the Year: Honorable Mention" list. The last, Obsidianwas released in May 2013 with hits like Miasma Sky, and my personal favorite No Eyes.

His sound is ambient and calming, sometimes mixed with a rough but soulful voice and unique electronic vibes, making Baths Our Latest Obsession.

For more from Baths, go to his website: http://bathsmusic.com