Our Latest Obsession: Strange Names, Flyte, and Missio



When I think of the music in iconic 80's movies like "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty In Pink," and ‘Sixteen Candles’, it seems like it would be easy to incorporate the modern yet retro band STRANGE NAMES perfectly into the soundtrack. You have "Neighborhood," which would be the song that starts off the movie and ‘I Can’t Control Myself‘ and ‘Overused Phrase‘ which would set the mood for any legendary kissing scene. When I first heard about the "Once an Ocean‘"singers, I knew something was special about them. When watching videos of live performances which sound almost identical to studio recorded versions, you know they have something special and are worth listening too! They’re bringing something new and beautiful to the alternative genre. Putting out their first album "Use Your Time Wisely," STRANGE NAMES has collected a number of listeners who are dying for more. My favorite songs off the album are "Only Boy," "Trespassing," and "Brick City". Watch the  new music video for ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ here. We hope to see them touring real soon! Support them by buying the album HERE!

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10628771_750560691646726_5098253346682071055_o   "We Are The Rain" was the first song I ever heard from the London band Flyte. By the time the song was over, I could tell this band was something special. The band is a four-piece: Will on lead vocals and guitar, Sam on guitar and keys, Nick on bass, and Jon on drums. While listening to more of their music, I got the feel of a young 70's band with a hint of indie drum pop. I can tell from everything I've heard from this band that they will be major legends to come! Listen to their new single "Closer Together," it will give you a burst of energy, making you want grab a friend, take a long drive, and make risky decisions. Watch the brilliant video here ( What babes, am I right?)

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One artist in particular that has caught my attention is Matthew Brue, also known as Missio. Writing his first few songs when he was just 14 years old, the Texas singer has come a long way, now at 22. I first heard about the "Missio Dei" singer while the famous music festival SXSW was going on. After listening to his first released song "I Run To You," I was thirsty for more. I could relate to that song so much that I knew I would be loving this dude. After months of waiting, his first self-tilted EP was released. After listening to it, it was on rotation longer than I can recall. I could see singers like Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira and Flo Morrissey being a few inspirations. Each song has a eerie story to it and you can feel the emotion and sadness with every line. Listen to another one of my favourites from Missio, "Who Do I Think I Am." Buy his self-titled on iTunes here.

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