New Music Alert: Sextape


10696428_698721046874717_845793967204868281_n The only thing better than finding new music is finding new music that’s completely unique; finding a musician that you can’t compare anyone to. It happens on rare occasion, but earlier this month I lucked up and stumbled upon musician Sextape on Soundcloud. I was immediately intrigued by this Toronto artist’s delivery. Sextape has an inviting mixture of live R&B elements with the prominence of intricately produced beats. His somewhat lo-fi sonic quality adds a layer of ethereality to his music, making it a bit easier to hear each individual component of his songs.

The only thing that may be more enticing than his sound are his lyrics. Usually, he seems to mostly write about rich girls, drugs, and parties – which we can never really get enough of. He tells stories of what I assume to be his experiences, placing a feeling of nostalgia within his listeners.

Sextape has two EP’s out right now. The first is PermaParty Vol. 1. It is composed of two songs, “Good//Bitch” and “White//Party,” and both songs contrast immensely, but in a good way. “Good//Bitch” is definitely geared more towards R&B while “White//Party” has heavier influences of Electronic music. The songs together balance out the EP perfectly and shows what kind of artist he is aiming to be. The next EP he released is the second installment of his first, titled PermaParty Vol. 2.Unlike his first, this project has three songs: “20//14,” “Hotel//Motel,” and “BlackCar//RedCar.” Volume 2 shows a lot of consistency in the way the songs were presented. They each have traces of urban inspiration and are executed perfectly. The EP flows very smoothly and each song complements the other. He is expected to have a new project out by the Halloween, in collaboration with Sly Why.

I won’t be surprised to see Sextape on tour with How To Dress Well or Banks if the timing is right. For now, we’re excited to see what new music he has in store!

Extra and Notable

Sextape’s Bandcamp (you can purchase both EP’s here!)

Sextape’s Facebook

Sextape performing “Good//Bitch” in Windsor