New Music Alert: James Guild - 3am Conversations

VoMN142l A trait many of us admire in our favorite artists is their ability to be completely truthful and open. It is not easy to talk about your deepest, darkest thoughts, especially those you can't even bring yourself to say aloud until vulnerability hits you early in the morning hours. Brockton native James Guild did just that plus some on his first EP, 3am Conversations. It exposes us to the 18 year old's grim state of mind while he was kicked out of school. Guild's classic flow and brutally candid lyrics matched with innovative, unique production on every track made this project stand out to me. I couldn't "just listen" like I do with new music I'm introduced to. I was immediately drawn in by the intricate production, no doubt. What kept me listening to the entirety, though, was the story-like lay out of the piece. The titles of the tracks all reference a bothering time plenty of teens go through, the only difference is that Guild finally had time to face and indulge in these truths during his absence from school. Insomiac, Hallways, and Old Room all have a nostalgic undercurrent. They are the most relatable tracks in lyrical content. Sanctum is my favorite on the EP. It completes the project perfectly, grabbing points from each track prior to give the listeners the main message of 3am Conversations. Listen to 3am Conversations below.

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