5 Artists You Should Know By Now


WATERS: 10981612_1003076416387225_1192227243571930335_n   First we start with Waters, The flower band that makes you want to dance your ass off with their Alternative/Rock songs. Putting out their ‘Out In the Light’ album in 2013 and their ‘It All Might Be Ok’ EP in 2014. WATERS is taking the world by storm from fans all around! ‘What’s Real’ their upcoming album will be released April 7th of this year. Make sure you pre-order it on iTunes and buy it when it comes out. Having toured with Magic Man and Small Pools and with a upcoming tour with MATT and KIM shows the world how awesome they are. Check out WATERS on ‘The Conan Show’ April 1st! Watch their latest music video ‘I Feel Everything’ and listen to their newest single ‘Whats Real’ the anthem for real friends.

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B_R6grhU0AIvXU_          Varying between indie pop and hippie alternative, youd never really think of Nashville when you listen to this band. You get a natural vibe of something fresh and delightful with lots of energy and love while listening to them. When listening to the 'Geode' band you crave nothing but summer. I was very honored seeing ELEL live in DC at the Black Cat March, 3rd. All I can tell you is that their kindness, love and engery was truly refreshing. After listening to them you should have a huge smile on your face. Check out the music video for '40 Watt' Here. Also to get a sense of how they are live check out this video of them performing my  favorite song 'Kiss Kiss'  here! The '40 Watt' bands self titled EP is on itunes now!

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artworks-000106465947-enmg8q-t500x500            Brothers Michael and David from Ventnor, Isle of Wight, make up the musical duo that is Champs. Their sound ranges from sad-core in the lyrics to Indie-folk pop from the guitar and drums. Each song is composed of a beautiful story accompanied by angelic harmonizing vocals to back it up. Putting out their 2nd record 'Vamala' CHAMPS has already gathered huge supporters from all around. Already pushing 1 million plays on Spotify, CHAMPS is showing the music world how it's done. Currently touring in the UK, we hope to see CHAMPS in the U.S real soon. Buy their new album 'Vamala' on iTunes here. Watch their beautiful and dark video for 'Desire' on YouTube Here. Watch the newest magical video 'Vamala' Here!

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iyes                    IYES is either indie pop or a dance duo, but in the end you can't really fit them into any single genre- they make up their own. The two artists from Brighton, Melis and Josh, met through mutual friends and that's where 'IYES' all started. Putting out their two biggest songs, "Till Infinity" and "Glow", in addition to 6 others that are up on Soundcloud, IYES has been bringing in a lot of attention. Melis brings in the soft and soothing voice while josh adds a haunting overtone with his. The mixture of their voices brings chills to everyone who listens. We hope to have a EP or CD real soon from them! Listen to my favorite song 'Toys (demo)'! Watch and buy their latest single 'Glow' here!

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safe_image       Last but not least, we talk about HUNTAR, a solo artist from South East London. Putting out his first EP "Bitter" last year, HUNTAR is taking the world by their hearts with his tragic love songs. With a genre ranging from wicked R&B to dark alternative, HUNTAR is making everyone think from his striking lyrics. From sexual songs to break up ballads he will have you in tears or jaming within seconds of listening. The passion in the songs will make you feel every bit of emotion and will leave you breathless. Listen to two of my favorite tracks 'Nacked Noises' and 'Expectations' Check out his new single "Love I Know" here, which will be the title track of his second EP set to be released on May 5, available for pre-order here.

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