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I was given the opportunity to sit in on a phone call with Electronic Pop Producer/Singer Yaarrohs last Friday to ask her a few questions about herself and her unfolding career. Check it out below! CS: Earlier this year you were featured on The Glitch Mob’s “Love Death Immortality” album and your debut EP, as a matter of fact, was released under their label, Glass Air. How did you come about working with the trio?

Yaarrohs: “Well uhm, [chuckles] my boyfriend Edit is in The Glitch Mob. So you know, I was always around and I could hear him working on the album. I heard it so many times before it actually released and before it was nearly done.

CS: But I mean, it turned out so well. It seemed like you were the perfect voice for their sound.

Yaarrohs: Thanks! I mean they have a lot of really amazing female vocalists featured on their album. I am a big fan of pretty much every female artist that is on it so I was just stoked to be a part of it.

CS: The six tracks on your EP almost link in to each other. In the description they are described as a storyline. So, what is the real story behind them? Where did the inspiration for the tracks come from?

Yaarrohs: It’s hard to pin it down. I think the inspiration for Flesh and Blood is about so many things. I feel like it definitely gives a story but that story is open for interpretation. For me, I think it was just, I don’t know, it was just a really special time in my life where I was becoming an adult and making adult decisions. Really focusing on music was a big decision for me because, you know, when someone decides, “Oh yeah, I’m going to devote most of my time and energy in making music,” they’re pretty much like, “Uhm, I might not make any money but…”. [Laughs]

CS: It definitely is a huge risk.

Yaarrohs: Yes. Maybe it was like a coming of age moment for me where a lot of things were being realized and I was taking control of my life, taking risks and trusting in myself. It was definitely a growing up type thing. Life in general was the inspiration.

CS: That is probably the most impactful, taking your own experiences and manifesting them into something creative and like you mentioned, having it be open for interpretation. For yourself it can have a significant meaning but for the viewer or listener it might symbolize another.

Yaarrohs: Right. Exactly.

CS: You recently released your video for “Wrestle” and you yourself directed it. How did you come up with the concept for the video to fit the song?

Yaarrohs: When I was writing the song I almost was envisioning the vibe of it and the video as well. Not necessarily to the details of it, like the choreography or what it was going to look like and stuff, but when I was writing the song it was definitely super emotional and heart tugging. Even now when I play that song and listen to it I feel kind of like I’m going to cry. I wanted the music video to also live in that place. The place of emotional intensity. Not necessarily have it feel like a bad thing, like to be heavy or feel sad and isolated, but have it be just as important to feel good, happy and ecstatic. I’m not sure did that answer your question?!

CS: Yes! From watching the video you could really feel the vibe you’re describing. I thought it was very subtle but yet direct.

Yaarrohs: Yeah, yeah! I really wanted that to be a part of it; to be very minimal.

CS: So not to long ago, you opened up for Eoto and you have this upcoming show at Low End Theory; what can we expect from a Yaarrohs performance?

Yaarrohs: Uhmmm, bring an extra pair of underwear because you’re probably going to poop your pants. [Laughs] Just kidding. I feel like my whole vibe is the music, the visuals, the live show itself but the one thing that pulls it all together is the fact that everything is so minimal. I feel like every part of this Yaarrohs project is accessible to people. I’m not trying to be pretentious. I’m not trying to be anything other than what I am. It’s like, I love to make music, I like to make visual art, and I love to perform. Of course there’s a lot of nerves and like random ego stuff or whatever to figure out beforehand so I usually I do a little mental meditation. But everything is just so subtle. It’s just me, my computer, and my little midi controller just singing, living in the moment.

CS: I mentioned your show at Low End, so, going back to that, Low End Theory is really one of the most prominent weekly events here in LA for music. They are known for showcasing various diverse, upcoming acts. What does it mean to you being able to perform there?

Yaarrohs: Well it’s a huge honor. I feel a lot of things actually. Number one yeah, I feel really honored and really grateful. I’m almost like, “Is this for real?”. I think this is going to be my fourth show ever performing as Yaarrohs and I’m performing at Low End Theory. Which is such a big deal because for people who know what Low End is, how it came about, and how it has fertilized music in general I’m definitely ear to ear grinning about it. I’m also feeling like it is a big deal to be a girl performing there, you know. The couple times I have been there I haven’t really encountered much female energy there on stage so I feel really proud. We’re at a time in the music world and the world in general, where women are really leaving their marks and I am really excited to be a part of it.

CS: Your EP has kicked off, your new video released and this year is coming to a close. What can we anticipate from Yaarrohs in 2015?

Yaarrohs: There is a couple things that are in the works. I don’t know if I should let the cat out of the bag just yet. I’m working on a cover song that I’m going to release for free in probably a few weeks and then I have a couple other projects to be announced. I’m probably going to be releasing my first full length album if everything goes as planned and looking forward to a little touring.


You can catch Yaarrohs performing the 17th of December at Low End Theory at The Airliner, alongside ediT from The Glitch Mob, Andre McCloud and LET residents. Also, be sure to cop her new EP Flesh & Blood which is available through all major digital retailers through Glass Air Records.

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