Interview - Sun Club

We caught up with Sun Club before their DC date with Wildcat! Wildcat!. Read about it below.


You’re almost done with your tour with Wildcat! Wildcat!, how was that experience?

Devin: Terrible! The worst! No, I'm kidding they're they're super cool! They sum it up best, they're like "we feel like you guys are our little brothers!" Their hair is a little longer than ours.

CS: Got some competition going on!

Devin: Yeah, they're so nice, they gave me this sweatshirt I'm wearing, it's great.

You're younger than most bands in your realm - do you feel any pressure by that? Or like you have to earn respect from older bands?

Mikey: I don’t really feel like we’re that young..

Adam: I'm like 42 so..

Mikey: I feel like we're pretty equal.

Shane: The older guys are maybe a year or two older than us.

Mikey: I don't give a shit.

Shane: I don't feel like we're younger.

Devin: The mental age is pretty much the same. I feel equal to everyone.

Shane: Unless it's someone who's been doing it for like, ten years.

Mikey: We're all playing the same game, y'know? We don't give a fuck about - am I not supposed to curse?

CS: No, no it's fine!

Adam: This is live on the radio!

How did growing up in Baltimore affect your sound if at all?

Devin: Yeah for sure! There's a lot of crazy cray cray stuff coming out of there! Shane's gonna talk about this, he's good at this!

Shane: yeah it's good. There are good bands there, especially like the bigger bands. They're really good, even the bands that are blowing up right now. They're definitely inspirational in the energy of like their shows and shit. Like Future Islands, especially with energy and community.

Devin: The DIY scene is very big, too.

I read that at one point you took all your music offline, why was that?

Devin: Mikey, Shane, and I had been playing music in another band, for like 10 years. We have gone through all of our stages of music together, so before we put out our EP Dad Claps at The Mom Prom, we put out a 7''.

Mikey: We kind of just started a new band, so we just took all of our old stuff of the internet.

Shane: Some of it resurfaced the other day, which sucks.

Devin: It's like if you saw a picture of yourself from 6 years ago with braces..

Mikey: (looks in the mirror) Dude my hair is way longer than I thought it was..

Adam: Dude did you shower today when you were home? I showered like.. thrice.

Devin: I showered and brushed my hair for so long.

Shane: I didn’t shower, I got lazy and fell asleep on the couch.

Mikey: We had like one day to be home. Actually, we had another day but our van broke down in New Jersey.

CS: What part?

Adam: Wycoff! I just feel like the naming of that place is like.. anything that sounds that close to wack off is just bad. The city planner was just.. something was going on.. ANYWHO..

Devin: We had the day off and showered and it was great.

CS: So you look forward to showering on tour!

Devin: We get to shower if we’re lucky.

Mikey: It’s more of just like, chilling.

Devin: It’s more of being able to not have to be driving, or have to rush out of a hotel.

Mikey: The thing is, it’s not even really ever too much if you really want a break or if you wanting to go home, you just want one day.

Devin: Yeah, a day here and there. Recharge the batteries a little bit. 

Where's the coolest place you heard your music? Like a video or commercial or something!

All: It was in a chevy commercial.. but we’re not gonna talk about that.

Mikey: There was this one skating video! I can’t remember the skaters name but he was a really, really popular professional skater who used our song in one of his skating videos?

Shane: Our friend brought it up on the computer and it ended up having like, a ton of views.

CS: That’s so cool! Did it do that siggested thing at the bottom where it was like “this song is by this artist” and so on?

Mikey: No, but it was copol because it was our old bass recording of the song. I would’ve been like to creditted, but I don’t care that much.

CS: Did you read any commets that were like “yo, the music in the background is sick!”?

Adam: No, but one person said “if you don’t repost this your family will die.”

Shane: No, it was like “Hi, I’m Jimmy. I’m 10. I’m dead. If you don’t repost this I’m gonna pop in your mirroe and kill you.”

Adam: I like to live life on the old internet edge like that.

Shane: Yeah, like “Sam didn’t reblog my post and now her whole family’s dead, but so-andso did and now he’s married.”

Adam: It’s like this huge space in between what could happen and what can’t. I’m either gonna die or get married? I kinda wanna be in the middle, I kinda like my life right now.

Shane: And then bu the end you’re like “why did I start reading this Youtube comment?”

Mikey: Sometime’s garlic kind of tastes like peppermint.

Shane: Garlic is.. sticky.

Mikey: Yeah, it’s really sticky.

Shane: My roommate had this huge thing of garlic and we were making something so we cut it up and it was sticky and it was really weird.. and it was kind of sweet.

Johnny of Wildcat! Wildcat!: Garlic is really sticky.

What's next for Sun Club?

Devin: We’re going on this tour with a band called Alvvays. We’re going into the deeper, northern lands of Canada. Saskatoon, then driving like 30 hours.

Adam: In the dead of winter!

Devin: That’ll be in the begining of December when we’ll be with them.

Mikey: Look on the interwebz for some dates! Because I don’t remember right now.

Devin: The last time we were in Canada.. long story.

Shane: Short version is the Canadian border patrol hassled us after we blew threw the border, accidentally. Then we got sniffed by dogs then eventually they felt really bad and gave us bumper stickers.

Adam: Me being a fucking idiot, I thought the check in was down the street. Devin and Mikey had to put their hands on the car hood and the officer was like “YOU WILL NOT OPEN THE CAR DOOR UNTIL I TELL YOU TO.”

CS: So it was your fault?

Adam: Yeah, it was arguably my fault.

CS: And no one had anything on them?

Mikey: Adam had crack.

Adam: Yeah, I HAD the crack, I had to eat it really quickly.. no, I’m kidding, no one had anything on them.

*Kory walks in*

All: Kory, say something before we’re done!

Kory: Got my mom here guys, safe and sound!

Devin: Did you get your ironing board?

Kory: Yeah, and everyone’s looking at me like “Oh, why’s that kid got an ironing board?”


We’d like to thank Sun Club for talking to us! We had a great time. Catch them on tour with Alvvays this December.

To learn more about Sun Club, go to their website

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