Interview - Sir E.U.

We caught up with local rapper Sir E.U. to talk to him about strengthening the community, DC's one-of-a-kind rap scene, and Kool Klux Klan. Read below for more from the skilled lyricist. Image via BYT

CS: It's no secret that the DC underground rap scene is one of, if not the, most unique scenes sonically. Being one of the progressives in this movement, do you feel pressure to always deliver something completely new, but also also exceeding the previous bar you set?

Sir E.U.: I'm flattered to be considered a progressive in what I also view as one of the most unique scenes, sonically. In the DMV there is an intellectual culture, everyone is very critical. As an artist, we tend to either try to appease them or criticize them ourselves! Aside from figuring out your own sonic direction along the way. Our content is full of social commentary and different cultures that we have access through, organically and environmentally. Of all those things listed, I try to never be foreseen by any part of that equation. Even beyond my immediate environment. It results in alot of pressure on myself. It makes me hard on myself sometimes. In retrospect I see myself not taking all of those things into account and blaming myself for the progress, not always remembering that establishing yourself as a unique artist is an uphill battle. Like swimming against the tide. I just need to remind myself that the waves are not because of me. Pressure does get to me. I try to never stay discouraged. Every effort is me with those in mind, trying to outdo the last self I debuted. I love the challenge.

CS: What is KoolKluxKlan?

Sir E.U.: Kool Klux Klan is a union formed by us brothers. We set out to be good examples, more and more realistically as we grow older. We bonded through respect and mutual love of love, initially a love of lyricism.

CS: You put effort into strengthening a community and much as you do your music. Explain why and how those two aspects of your life came to be most important and how the DC youth experience effects your sound. 

Sir E.U.: Growing up in and around DC has molded and sculpted our perspectives constructively as well as taught us how to weather the destructive things around us. We're still learning. I think that's why I go how I do for my community. I know how easy it is to be on the wrong path when things around you aren't pushing you towards a good one. I just want people's environments to be conducive to growth as badly as I yearned for that myself.

CS: What's next for Sir E.U.?

Sir E.U.: Sir E.U. is going to be a successful artist and champion for good.

We'd like to thank Sir E.U for talking to us, check out his latest song and video "SUPER BABY NI66A (ft. WhyFi)" prod. N.O.M.A.D. and directed by UnkleLuc.

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