Interview: Hockey Dad


I grew up playing ice hockey in Minnesota so you can imagine my reaction when I stumbled across a band called "Hockey Dad." After listening to their music and doing some research, I realized that the two men who make up Hockey Dad do not emulate their namesake at all. Hockey Dad is a surf rock duo made up of Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming who hail from Wollongong, a coastal city in Australia--polar opposite of the Minnesota men I associate with the phrase "hockey dad." And the band's name actually references a video game that Bart and Millhouse play on an episode of The Simpsons. We recently had an opportunity to reach out to the band via email and Zach Stephenson was generous enough to answer a few questions for us. Check out the conversation below and make sure you see them when they are in DC August 29th at DC9! Tickets are available for purchase HERE.

You’re from what sounds like a beautiful, coastal town in Australia. How have your roots influenced your sound/vibe?

I suppose being so close to the coast brings along surf inspired music with it. We got a lot of our inspiration and sound from soundtracks of surf films which covered everything from soft surf pop to straight up punk thrash. Growing up listening to those songs definitely had an influence on us.

How does your close relationship with each other play a role in your creative process?

We tend to be able to work out songs a little easier and know what the other person is thinking. If Billy sees me going a certain way with a new song he will usually try and help push the song where I want it to be.

What was the process leading up to the release of “Boronia” like? How did you pick the album name?

We recorded the album over a year ago now so the process has been pretty long. A lot of touring and organising went on around it. The album came from our street name that we grew up on and still live on. The album talks a lot about growing up and living in that area so we thought it would be fitting.

How has tour been so far? Any favorite shows/cities? Notable moments?

The tour has been so much fun so far. Every show has been great and people have been super nice and welcoming to us. Vancouver was a highlight for me personally but also LA was good because we filmed a music video and had a sick time. Hopefully it should be out in a couple of weeks.

What have you guys been listening to on the road?

Heaps of classic rocks stations you can never get in Australia. Always playing Foo Fighters, ELO, AC/DC and other singalong gems.

What can we expect from your show in Washington, DC?

Hopefully a rad party and some good tunes! We can't wait to get there and hang out! Maybe even catch a glimpse of the big dog!


Keep up with Hockey Dad at the links below and view a list of the band's upcoming shows here.

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