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In preparation for their local album release show on November 22, Kevin of Flavor Waster talked to us about DC's musical culture, upcoming shows, and their debut "It's Always Sunny When You're Cool." Check out more from Kevin below! flavor-waster-promo-photo-1

CSDC: Describe the band Flavor Waster in one classic phrase OR one hashtag.

Kevin: #technicaldifficulties

CSDC: Tell us about your debut "It's Always Sunny When You're Cool."

Kevin: Creating this record has been the most gratifying musical endeavor of my life. I wrote it with my one of my oldest friends and, in the processing of getting the band together, have made new life-long friends. The songs will always remind me of that. As for the sound, I have no good answer. I've asked so many people who have heard it how they would categorize it, but, to a person, everyone I've asked has said it doesn't really sound like anything they've heard. It's like hardgazeindustrisoca or maybe shoecortechnaeton, but also not quite either of those. I'm glad I could clear that up.

CSDC: DC is in this really great period of music where all of these new genres are constantly being created and the diversity of cultures are definitely being shown. Who are some of your local influences and who are some of your favorite local acts?

Kevin: I'm glad you agree this current moment in DC is a special and exciting one. I've lived here my whole life, and I think it's the best in two decades and huge improvement over the rather disappointing aughts. None of our local influences still exist, but reaching back a bit I would say the most influential DC artists for us are the recently departed Imperial China as well as some local legends like Frodus, Hoover, Experience Unlimited, Trouble Funk, El Guapo, Void, Bad Brains, and even Orthrelm. There is an ocean of past and present DC bands we love, but I think those are the bands with some fingerprints on our sound.

CSDC: What's next? Can non-locals catch you guys on tour anytime soon?

Kevin: More local shows and hopefully recording a new single and b-side in 2016. We are definitely pushing to tour in early 2016, so if you know of some great couches to sleep on elsewhere in the country, drop us a line.


We'd like to thank Kevin for taking the time out of his day to talk to us. Check out Flavor Waster at Songbyrd Music House and Record Cafe for their album release show on November 22, more info here. Preorder "It's Always Sunny When You're Cool" on Bandcamp, out November 20.

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