The Naked And Famous at the Lincoln Theater


Currently on their on their international tour, The Naked And Famous was gracious to make a pit stop in the nations capital, or rather my backyard. I have to reference this with, I had no idea they were even coming through town and I couldn’t have been happier. In tow with the group, XYLO and The Chain Gang of 1947 were the two openers. Though these two bands may not sound familiar they have some big breaks. Chain Gang has collaborated with the very famous DJ Dillon Francis and XYLO was featured on the most recent Chainsmokers song, “Setting Fire.” If these were the openers the night was going to be one for the books. “Higher” off of their new album “Simple Forms” was the opening song which set the energy level for the evening.  The five piece group hailing from New Zealand did not disappoint.  They played all the crowd favorites such as “Young Blood” “Punching in a Dream” and “Last Forever”. There were minimal gaps between each; it all flowed eloquently throughout the night, not missing one beat. Alisa’s vocals were highly impressive and nothing like anything I have ever heard before. The four walls of the modest Lincoln Theater was the only thing containing her voice.  The crop top was not too shabby either.  The talent and vocal ranges this group possesses is breathtaking. Her energy was unmatched during the whole night, dancing and jumping all over stage.

The crowd was magnetic. It got to the point of standing room only, the aisle were overflowing with patrons, widely jumping and signing along.  Each person highlighted by the dazzling light displays they had for the evening. I would catch glimpse of giant grins and perfect lip syncs as the night went on.  80 minutes and about 15 songs later the crowd was left in a synth haze. It felt too good to be true that everything was over. The musicwas that  infectious not only was the crowd active the whole time, but the group itself had a hard time standing still - even the security, sound and stage technicians were singing and dancing along.

The Breakdown:

The Crowd: AMAZING! Even the Dad's were dancing

Seen: Matching couple wearing Iron Maiden muscle tanks

Thoughts: I would like to see them about 20 more times