Review: CloZee at 9:30 Club

Image courtesy of Lionel Pesqué and the artist.

Image courtesy of Lionel Pesqué and the artist.

Chloe Herry, more commonly known as CloZee in the world of EDM, spent the past 10 years pioneering the sounds of glitch hop and electronic bass music in ways that have never been seen before. Picking up her love of music at age 11 with the classical guitar and beginning her journey as CloZee at age 16, her innate ability and learned skills have propelled her to the top of her craft. Referring to her unique and eclectic sound as “world bass,” CloZee created an entire dimension of sound, manifesting intricate soundscapes and capturing audiences around the world. On May 25, the 9:30 Club was lucky enough to experience one of the profound sold out sets of her Spring 2019 tour along with two extremely talented openers Choppy Oppy (Live) and BlueTech.

Choppy Oppy (Jared Oppenheim)  kicked off the start of the night with a live performance set. Accompanied by a guitarist and a flutist, Choppy Oppy began the night delving deep into the melting sounds of bass music. The trio flawlessly combined deep and heavy basslines with guitar riffs and the occasional flute flourishes, layered by rap and melodic vocal tracks. Even dropping more familiar tunes by notabile artists such as Rezz, this live set experience perfectly encapsulated the deep liquid bass sounds that many who are fans of the headliner, has grown to love and appreciate.

Following Choppy Oppy’s Live set was BlueTech. A master of sound design and audio exploration, Bluetech silently commanded the stage with deep and nature inspired melodies and mind melting mixes. His sound, described as being “dark, Detroit influenced electro and synth funk and melodic techno,” epitomized the mysterious wanderlust that many world bass artists strive to portray.

With the crowd sufficiently warmed up, CloZee took to the stage. With her notorious french accent, she warmly greeted the crowd and thanked the openers for creating such an exceptional atmosphere. In this same breath, the lights dimmed and the crowd's attention was fixated on her. Her stage was set up with six pillars of lasers, spinning strobe lights and lowlights. A slow and mystical intro  built her vision for the rest of the show. CloZee’s set was a journey of sound, as she passionately performed tracks off of her newest album, “Evasion” and effortlessly mixed in crowd favorites such as “Red Forest,” “Secret Place” and “Harmony.”

Throughout her show, she shifted from vibe to vibe, from light and triumphant sounds to deeper and darker tunes such as her recent collaboration with Liquid Stranger titled “Ceremony.” She ended the show around 1:50 a.m. and thanked the crowd for spending this time with her and her fellow musicians before commencing with her encore. She ended the show by playing her highly anticipated and soon to be released remix of Ganja White Night “Chak Chel.” To say the crowd was left satisfied would be an understatement. Standing in a sea of fans, anyone could tell that the set we all experienced, brought everyone together. I have seen CloZee perform once before, in the scorching heat of Electric Forest Tripolee stage, and until now, I believed nothing could top that musical memory, but CloZee exceeded all expectations.