Preview: Space Jesus at 9:30 Club

Photo courtesy of Culture Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Culture Magazine.

To open the show, Tyler Coombs, also known as Of The Trees will be treating the 9:30 Club with his highly coveted bouncy and experimental beats. This talented and growing artist has a vision of mind melting, liquid tracks that is sure to warm the crowd up and leave us wanting more. Collaborating with no other than Bassnectar himself, many travel far and wide to see him command the DJ booth. Definitely consider showing up to 9:30 Club nice and early to experience what this opening journey of sound.

Minnesota’s appearance on this tour date compliments Space Jesus’s style with ease. Christian Bauhofer has been hard at work creating a complex universe of sound to take us all on a journey through mystical beats, oriental flourishes and deep, wobbly basslines. His glitch inspired melodies has helped to put experimental bass on the map for many other artists to follow. His wide range and unique sound has allowed his to flourish with many other artists such as Flying Lotus, Rusko and even Excision. His newest release “Burn,” featuring Stylus and Gisto, rides reggae waves in its intro before opening up to a bouncy and heavy bassdrop that is sure to leave the audience in awe.

New Jersey’s Jasha Tull, more frequently known as Space Jesus, has become a fixture in the experimental bass scene over the past few years. His alien-like and deep futuristic sound create a pool of unique, space age tunes that can be heard in sets all around the EDM spectrum. Beginning his music journey at the early age of 13, he was able to grow his craft until he created his intergalactic and highly experimental sound around the age of 20. Ranging from hip hop inspired fast breaks, to deep and wobbly basslines, Space Jesus opened up the ears and minds of his listeners to the world of experimental bass.

Space Jesus’s newest track, titled “Omega Robot,” has been commanding crowds even before his official release date. The track itself is heavy and robotic while still mastering the art of mind melting melodies and a bouncy bassline, and it seems like every major producer is already itching to add it to their repertoire. Collaborating with dubstep legends like Subtronics, Liquid Stranger, Jade Cicada, Esseks and even Bleep Bloop, one can only imagine the intergalactic journey has in store for his stop at the 9:30 Club on Friday, February 8th for this local stop on his Temple of Noom tour.