Review: Greyson Chance at DC9

Greyson Chance last performed in DC 7 years ago, when he was just 14 years old. It’s also been the same amount of time since he released his first full-length album. In the interim, Chance hasn’t completely stopped making music, he’s just been focused on growing up. And last weekend at a sold out DC9 show, Chance proved that he certainly has.

DC was the first stop on his headlining tour, which means those in attendance were some of the first to hear new songs from his forthcoming album, “Portraits,” which drops March 15th. Chance displayed his excitement for being in the District by wearing a t-shirt with a spray-painted “DC” on it. During his performance he got hearts racing with his impressive high-notes, hearts melting when he opened up about his recent break-up, and hearts soaring when he told the crowd, “happiness isn’t validated by a number next to your name, it comes from finding sunshine in life.” Chance not only demonstrated the growth of his musical craft, but showed the crowd this it’s only the beginning for this young artist.

Be sure to catch him on the remainder of his Portraits tour (tickets here) because you’re never going to have this level of intimacy with him again.