Capitol Sound DC Presents: Babby / 2012 Bid Adieu / Stephn / Knyves Escobar

Capitol Sound DC is happy to present Babby’s debut single premiere party. Our next showcase will feature a first-listen to the track, and performances from Babby, 2012 Bid Adieu, Stephn, Knyves Esobar.  Read about the artists on our line up below. Tickets on sale now.



Making his performance debut in December 2018, Babby has become one of Maryland's most exciting artist to join the scene. Steven Jerome Holiday-Wilson, Jr.; better known as the mononym Babby, is an American singer and songwriter. Raised as a devout Pentecostal, Babby would often be called to lead ceremonial songs at various houses of worship. During this time, Babby  took on many aliases in an endeavor to hide his musical ambitions from elders that if known by the clergy would have condemned his efforts. BABBY, Galvanized by Jazz and Classical giants, blends the symphonic worlds of the baroque with the tangible Avant sounds of electronic music. Babby’s forthcoming demo, titled ‘Pleasure,’ is a musical and literary work centered on themes of love and metaphorical masochism. Listen here.

2012 Bid Adieu

2012 Bid Adieu are the kids on the Internet who finally feel like they have a home. 2012 Bid Adieu's objective when making their debut album, We Died in 2012: This is Hell, was to make a genreless, funky concept record for the Nintendo generation, a fusion of 21st century electronic sounds that casts a net around a group of creative energy to help find respite in the simulation that is Earth. Swiftly, Bid Adieu grew into a project not just about music, but furnishing an environment where interdisciplinary talents aren't afraid to contribute to a greater ideal -- and succeed.

Even though we've been here all along, welcome home. Welcome to Bid Adieu. Listen here.


DMV artist Stephn kick-started his music career in 2018, working on his first project “Time Before Us”. Released first as a visual project paired with an EP, he managed to weave together fashion, creative direction, and music to create pure forms of self-expression. His energy did not go unnoticed. After quickly selling out his EP release party, he then performed at AMFest Music Festival and a Smithsonian Institute. Stephn doesn’t shy away from getting to the root of emotional vulnerability when creating his art. Through this honest approach, he’s able to create a genuine connection with his audience. Listen here.

Knyves Escobar

Knyves Escobar is a Salvadorian-American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Silver Spring, Maryland. From her darkest, deepest pains to her most exhilarating victories, Knyves has always used her affinity for music to document her life; an escape when there wasn’t much control. Knyves Escobar released her first single, “Jaded” in November of 2018 and has since seen a large following from listeners around the United States and abroad as she continues to release new music and visuals in both English and Spanish. She writes her music from a very genuine and vulnerable place that resonates with many of her listeners. Listen here.

Angelie Benn