Best of SXSW: Meet Haiku Hands

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In an environment as noisy, chaotic and talented-saturated as SXSW, it can be phenomenally difficult to reach the radar of many a festival-goer. We saw so many incredible acts during our week in Austin, but only a select few had us truly engaged and over the moon excited to hear more.

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Meet Haiku Hands, a wildly talented trio from Sydney and Melbourne Australia. Slaying with their bold brand of electro-pop, Claire, Mie and Beatrice bring fun to every stage they grace. Their performances at SXSW were energizing and, above all, infectiously fun.

In an era when grrrl pop continues to serve as a powerful mode of empowerment, bands like Haiku Hands provide us with the tunes we need to strive each and every day. While all of their songs are designed to make anyone get up and dance, their lyrics carry inspiring substance.

Haiku Hands dares their audience to dance, as they wiggle in support of sisterhood, uplifting one another and, of course, having a good time while succeeding in the face of obstacles. Their music is a comforting balance of message-driven lyrics and lighthearted beats, making for the perfect soundtrack to any boost of confidence.

We met up with Haiku Hands at SXSW to get to know Claire, Mie and Beatrice through a series of portraits overlooking the iconic Lady Bird Bridge. Right after their sets in Austin, they will play in D.C. at Union Stage on Monday, March 18 in support of CHAI’s U.S. tour. Don’t miss your chance to see these rising pop goddesses as they pass through town for a show that is sure to make you shake out any remnants of a dreary Monday mood.

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