Review: “No Sleep,” The Debut EP from LOVE SICK

LOVE SICK, the duo of Julie and Shaun, from Glasgow, Scotland, are not just another UK electro-pop band. 

They're also not the only electro-pop band to come out of Scotland in recent years. Predecessors, CHVRCHES, have laid the blueprint for global success in the last five years since their first EP, “Recover,” came out in 2013 —a path any band would do well to follow.

But there is no shortage of the electro-pop sound in popular music these days, so the task of standing out is that much harder for each new artist or band coming on to the scene. After stumbling upon LOVE SICK at a secret underground show in London, I'm convinced this band is destined for success sooner, rather than later.

Photo by Jordan Wilhelmi

Having only released a handful of singles leading up to the release of their debut EP, “No Sleep,” you might expect that this is a band still trying to find its footing. But LOVE SICK grabs you by the throat with its refined, incisive confidence. In a genre filled with new acts trying to figure out how to stand out without overdoing it with maximalist tendencies, or underselling their talents with minimalism that leaves more to be desired, this pop duo seemingly has nailed it on their first try.

Shaun's groove-inducing production and Julie's effortless vocals and penetrating lyricism display a maturity well beyond their limited time together. Each track from the EP, and even their singles, offers a different array of sounds, and shows an ability to transform. Personal favorites are “Fever” and “Predictable,” but each offers a potential hit, and should leave you excited to hear what comes next from this duo.

Having chatted with LOVE SICK after the gig, the pair expressed excitement over hopefully touring the US soon, but until then, check out what they have to offer and be the first to tell your friends about what will soon be their next favorite band that nobody knows about yet.

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